Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Sounds like a good idea, I am interested to see how this will develop. And yes, there is the spel check.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The BetterMost Blog: Why?

This blog has been launched to help promote our little community of BetterMost, Wyoming and invite the great community of bloggers (and blogging devotees) to learn more about our community and perhaps join in on the fun. It'll be a place to promote our upcoming events, and help our community better reach out!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

BetterMost: Beyond Brokeback Mountain


BetterMost invites you to join our small town online community, made up of people who are sharing what they've learned about the movie and themselves. Our site was created not only to gather movie fans together, but to suggest that you can use the movie as a catalyst for making positive changes in your own life -- to stop missing opportunities, to make sure you never sit 20 years from now pondering what could have been if you only took a chance. Our users are building long lasting friendships to help support one another as we move forward in our lives.

Annie Proulx, author of the original short story, put it best when she said:

"It is my feeling that a story is not finished until it is read, and that the reader finishes it through his or her life experience, prejudices, world view and thoughts."

Some Of Our Services on BetterMost

BetterMost Forums: The heart of our community - interactive forums with more than 100,000 messages from folks exploring the film and themselves.

BetterMost Chat: (available to registered members only) Chat rooms allow you to interact with our community and make new friends! We have a bunch of great Social Coordinators who offer regular group gatherings in our chat room at scheduled times so you can drop in and find a whole mess of folks to chat with. They even keep track of all of the in-person group gatherings they can find!

The Front Page: News items and upcoming events - find out how you can meet up with other devotees of the film! Soon, this will become our community's newspaper and archives, where you can search for information about the film and stay in touch with the headlines in the community.

Brokeback Mountain Radio One: Our 24 hour radio station containing the complete score and soundtrack from the film, as well as hour after hour of music that speaks to the characters, the story, or the great mountain west! You can listen at home or at work.

Our philosophy here is to make our users permanent residents of the BetterMost community, to keep this a warm and friendly community that remains fun to visit even after you've managed to work out your feelings about the film. We understand you'll always have Brokeback in your heart, and BetterMost will help you keep that feeling alive.

We hope you will consider exploring BetterMost and our services. There is no fee to join our community - we run it as a labor of love, and look forward to having you join our family!

Again, welcome to our community. You'll find a lot of new friends here.

Phillip Dampier
Founder, BetterMost